Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HughesNet Gen4?

HughesNet is rolling out its 4th-generation high-speed satellite Internet service—HughesNet Gen4—to give you more of what you need, including dramatically improved performance and support to do more of what you love to do online even faster, like social networking, watching videos and listening to music.


When is HughesNet Gen4 available?

HughesNet Gen4 is available starting on 10/1/2012 in certain geographical areas of the country.


Where is HughesNet Gen4 available?

HughesNet Gen4 is available in certain geographic areas of the country. See the highlighted orange areas on map below. For specific details on whether Gen4 is available in your area, visit


What makes HughesNet Gen4 different?

With HughesNet Gen4 you get greater download capacity than ever before with dramatically improved performance and support for high-bandwidth applications like video and music.


Why should I choose HughesNet Gen4?

With Gen4, we will be making our service even better with the addition of our new high-capacity satellite.  HUGHES invented satellite Internet and has the advantage of over 40 years of proven experience and innovation in satellite communications.


What is included with HughesNet Gen4?

Satellite modem and antenna; 24/7 live technical support; PC security suite (free trial for 30 days); Web hosting (free trial for 30 days); Identity theft protection service (free trial for 6 months); A generous Data Allowance for use anytime - plus an equivalent amount of Bonus Bytes for use during off-peak hours (2AM-8AM) to assist with downloading large files such as software updates. Visit for more details or to order.


What are the HughesNet Gen4 plans and speeds?

There are three plans to choose from: Power, Power PRO and Power MAX. Power has download speeds up to 10Mbps and 10GB of anytime Data Allowance and 10GB of Bonus Bytes; Power PRO has download speeds up to 10Mbps and 15GB of anytime Data Allowance and 15GB of Bonus Bytes; Power MAX has download speeds up to 15Mbps and 20GB of anytime Data Allowance and 20GB of Bonus Bytes.


Is there a limit to the number of computers I can connect?

The Power PRO plan can handle one to two computers and the Power MAX plan can handle multiple computers.


What is Data Allowance and how does it work?

In order to ensure that all users have fair access, every satellite Internet service sets a cap on the amount of data that any individual user can download or upload within a given period of time. With HughesNet Gen4, the Data Allowance is set on a monthly basis and the amount of data you can download or upload depends on the plan you choose. Regardless of which plan you choose, with HughesNet Gen4, you get a generous Data Allowance, which means you can do more of the things you love to do online.


What is the difference between Data Allowance (anytime) and Bonus Bytes?

With HughesNet Gen4 your total monthly Data Allowance includes two components: 1) A generous anytime Data Allowance that can be utilized at any time, including during peak daytime hours. The amount of your "anytime" allowance depends on the plan you choose. The Power plan comes with 10GB, the Power PRO plan comes with 15GB, and the Power MAX plan comes with 20GB.   2) Each HughesNet Gen4 plan also comes with an equivalent amount of extra Data Allowance called Bonus Bytes, which can be utilized during the off-peak, nighttime hours (2AM-8AM in your local time zone.) Bonus Bytes are a value-added feature you can get only with HughesNet Gen4. With Bonus Bytes and the Download Manager tool offered with HughesNet, you can schedule large downloads such as Microsoft software updates to take place during the night so they only use Bonus Bytes and have no impact on your "anytime" Data Allowance. Bonus Bytes are another way HughesNet Gen4 lets you do more of the things you want to do online.


So how much Data Allowance do I get in total?

Your total Data Allowance (monthly) is the sum of your anytime Data Allowance (for use at any time, including peak daytime hours) plus your Bonus Bytes (for use during off-peak hours, 2AM-8AM). With the Power plan you get a total of 20GB per month; with the Power PRO plan you get 30GB; and with the Power MAX plan, you get a whopping 40GB per month! Regardless of which HughesNet Gen4 plan choose, you'll be able to do more of the things you love to do online.


Do I still get Tokens?

Yes! You can now get Tokens for a set amount of bandwidth (500MB for $5; 1GB for $9; 2GB for $16). Purchased Tokens do not expire however in the event that you deplete your anytime Data Allowance, the Token will be automatically activated and bandwidth will be added to your "anytime" pool.  If you  exhaust your Token, you may see a slowdown in service during peak periods.


Can I use the Gen4 service for VoIP, Skype, Netflix, and VPN? And if not, when will it be available?

Yes, you can use Skype and Netflix (but just continue to monitor your monthly data allowance). For VPN, you may use a VPN with HughesNet, but you will likely experience reduced speeds by as much as 50-75%. You can restore your connection to full speed by simply disabling your VPN client when your session is over.


What about online gaming?

HughesNet Gen4 service plans will work with many features offered through gaming services such as Xbox LIVE® and the PlayStation Network. You will be able to download games and game updates, and use the streaming video and music services offered through your gaming system, such as Netflix® and Hulu™. However, the majority of real-time, multi-player games that people play on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation will not work over any satellite Internet service. Strategy and "turn-based" games will work but games requiring a rapid response such as "first-person shooters" will be unplayable.


What happens if I am eligible for Recovery Act?

If your installation address is eligible for DISH Recovery Act, you have the opportunity to order that discounted service or, alternatively, you can move forward with HughesNet Gen4 preordering and take advantage of the great offer available with the Power plan!


When does the 24 month commitment start?

24 month term starts on the day of your service activation.


What makes HughesNet the right choice? / I'm an existing HughesNet customer. Why should I stay?

Because our service plans provide greater download capacity than ever before! HughesNet also offers tools to manage your Data Allowance to be sure that you’re able to experience Internet connectivity at its fullest.


Why choose HughesNet Gen4 over other satellite Internet providers?

Regardless of which new plan you choose, with HughesNet Gen4, you get a generous Data Allowance which means you can do more of the things you love to do online.


What about customer support?

Our hope is that you don't ever have to call for a technical issue. But if you do need us, we have multiple levels of phone support, (including a new onshore support center) available 24/7 and live chat, too!  Our agents are trained to help you with any type of question related to your service.



How will existing customers be affected by HughesNet Gen4?

HughesNet customers have an opportunity to upgrade to Gen4. In order to receive the benefits of the new service, most customers will require new equipment at their homes. To upgrade to Gen4 visit or call Customer Care at 1-866-347-3292.


I'm a current customer. Who do I contact to upgrade?

For information on how/when to upgrade to a HughesNet Gen4 service plan, please visit or call Customer Care at 1-866-347-3292.

* Speeds up to 15 Mbps and Data Allowance up to 40 GB/month available on the Power MAX service plan only. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Monthly Data Allowance is the sum of the Anytime and Bonus Bytes. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Visit for details.